Amitabh Bachchan says his ‘each time I say never again’ note wasn’t about KBC

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has clarified that his recent note, ‘each time I say never again and yet it all comes back when the commitment has been made’, wasn’t aimed at his game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Recently, a journalist during a press conference on KBC sets asked Amitabh what made him re-think hosting the show if he feels differently about the show. (Also Read | Amitabh Bachchan reveals his ‘hands, legs shake’ when he comes on KBC 14 sets,

Taking to his blog on Wednesday night, Amitabh wrote, “Still stuck for time and schedule for the blog .. but the matter is concise and short but filled with the love and affection of the writer …. had to reluctantly distantly attend the PC for KBC .. and one of the questions came up about why I had mentioned never do it again and yet landing up doing it or some such words in a past Blog.”

He added, “So the query was why do you want to stop doing KBC and yet come back again .. (laughing emojis)..quite obviously as in many other cases they got it all wrong .. it was obviously not for KBC, it was for the hair that gets stuck to my face for the films’ makeup.., and I swear I will never do another film with hair stuck to my chin, face, mustache and yet end up doing it. Kuch bhi (anything at all).”

During the press conference, replying to a question Amitabh spoke about why he hosted the show. “The people who come on set here. They are the ones who get me back. The way they welcome me when I enter the stage, and the way they encourage the contestants who are on the hot seat. That’s what makes me come back season after season,” he had said.

Last month, in his blog he had written, “Back to the boards and the apprehension and fears and doubts arise again .. and each season presents itself similarly .. others think otherwise .. they are not wise, or in due process of the understanding needed to face camera and audience .. a claim much debated, but in all earnestness it is factual for me…”

He had also added, “There is an ‘each time I say never again’ and yet it all comes back when the commitment has been made .. so comply and accept and go ahead with the best efforts .. and so one tries .. mock rehearsals are such a must .. all the detailing of the work the changes the understanding of the job at hand and then its execution .. all a jumble just yet and the doers say its fine we shall manage and do it well .. have nothing but praise for their confidence .. and I do hope it all falls into place .. o dear .. life is a challenge each day.”

Amitabh has been hosting KBC since its inception in 2000, with the exception of the third season (2007), presented by actor Shah Rukh Khan. KBC 14 is all set to air on August 7 on Sony Entertainment Channel.

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