Anupamaa recap: Anuj brings little Anu home, Anupamaa prepares for her welcome

Anupamaa written update July 14: Anupama and Anuj are excited to bring Anu home. While Anuj leaves for Mumbai to get Anu home, Anupamaa cooks for her.

This episode of Anupamaa brings a lot of joy in Anuj and Anupamaa’s life, along with a huge shock for the rest of the Kapadia and Shah family. Anuj leaves for Mumbai to bring little Anu home leaving the rest of the family members wondering what this surprise is that Anuj and Anupamaa are talking about. Read this article to find out how the family members react to the arrival of little Anu in their lives. Also Read: Anupamaa written update July 13: Anuj and Anupamaa get ready to bring Anu home from Mumbai

Anupamaa prepares to welcome Anu

After getting a break from Adhik and Pakhi’s issue, Anupamaa is finally getting relief at the news of little Anu’s arrival. She prepares enthusiastically for her welcome. She fanatically bakes a cake, cooks lots of dishes for Anu. Barkha, Sara, Adhik, and Ankush notice her enthusiasm and wonder what she is preparing for. Meanwhile, the Shah family also gets anxious thinking who is this new membering entering the Kapadia household now. Vanraj also his concern towards Barkha and Ankush deceiving Anuj and Anupamaa. Kavya makes him believe that Anuj and Anupamaa are smart enough to not be wronged by anyone.

Leela gets worried about Kinjal and Hasmukh. Hasmukh suggests that he should postpone his treatment for now as all the money and attention should be given to Kinjal. Vanraj feels disappointed at himself that he is not able to provide for his family. Kavya comforts him.

Anuj brings Anu home

Everyone waits eagerly for the surprise from Anuj. As Anuj reaches the orphanage in Mumbai, he meets an extremely excited and joyous Anu who greets her as ‘papa’. He immediately breaks down with tears of happiness after seeing her. He prepares to immediately leave for his home with Anu.

Back at the Kapadia villa, Anupamaa is still busy with Anu’s welcome preparations. Finally Anuj arrives, shocking everyone with little Anu who starts calling Anupamaa her mother. Barkha gets annoyed and worried thinking who is this girl calling Anupamaa her mother now. Anuj tells everyone the news that they are now foster parents of little Anu. Sara and GK join the celebration and introduce themselves to Anu. On the other hand, Barkha, Adhik, and Ankush get worried about their future as now Anuj himself has a daughter along with Anupamaa’s three kids. Meanwhile, Pakhi tells Vanraj and the rest of the family members the news who are equally shocked after finding out that Anupamaa is adopting another child at her age now.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Barkha’s insecurity rising after the arrival of another member in the Kapadia household. She confronts Anuj and tells him that he should’ve informed everyone about such big news. Anuj taunts about the secrets she has kept from him and hints that he already knows everything. Keep reading HT highlights for more such written updates from your favorite show.

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