Anupamaa recap: Anuj gets upset with Barkha’s reaction on little Anu’s adoption

The latest episode of Anupamaa is full of tension as well as lots of joy as Anuj and Anupamaa bring little Anu home. Kapadia’s reaction to this huge news is going to shock and hurt Anuj. Read this article to find out how Anupamaa will manage to keep her family together in such sensitive times. Also Read: Anupamaa recap: Anuj brings little Anu home, Anupamaa prepares for her welcome

Barkha argues with Anuj

Anuj and Anupamaa have finally brought their daughter home and they are on the seventh cloud with all the joy and contentment. However, there are people who are not so happy with this news. Barkha and Adhik sulk in the corner thinking about how unfair it is to them that Anuj got another member to share his property. Anupamaa, Sara, GK, and Anuj celebrate little Anu’s welcome and show her around. She cuts the cake and distributes it to everyone.

Barkha confronts Anuj and tells her how it was not right of him to have not involved them in this decision. Anuj tells her how she has also hidden things from him. He reminds her of her keeping it a secret when she was pregnant with Sara. When this doesn’t work, Barkha sows the seeds of doubt in them about having a kid in their age. Adhik backs Barkha. Anuj gets angry at them, but Anupamaa handles the situation calmly and explains to everyone when it is important for her and Anuj to have a kid. Anuj also announces little Anu as an important and permanent part of his family and his business empire.

Anuj gets worried about everyone’s reaction

After the argument cools down, Anuj and Anupamaa take little Anu to show her the house. Little Anu dances with joy seeing her new room with lots of toys and gifts from Anuj and Anupamaa. Sara and GK also rejoice with the three of them leaving Barkha, Adhik, and Ankush to worry. Barkha gets mad at Ankush for not saying anything. He argues that even if he says, they are adults and will do whatever they want. Barkha worries about Anuj’s attitude and his decision to make little Anu the heir to his business. Keep reading HT highlights to find out what Barkha will do to take her share in the Kapadia empire.

Meanwhile, Anuj gets angry at Barkha’s reaction and tells Anupamaa that he doesn’t want such negativity at such a crucial moment of his life. Anupamaa tries to calm him down and they both together wonder how the Shah family would react if the Kapadias were so shocked. Anuj dreads meeting with the Shahs but Anupamaa suggests that they should introduce little Anu to them the same day only. Adhik already informs Pakhi about Anuj and Anupamaa’s plan. Pakhi tells everyone about the adoption. Vanraj, Leela, and Kavya are also shocked and angry at Anupamaa for not telling them earlier. While the Shahs prepare to discourage Anuj and Anupamaa, Anuj informs little Anu about this other family of Anupamaa.

In the next episode of Anupamaa, we will see Vanraj getting mad at Anuj for putting Anupamaa through motherhood again. Watch this space to find out how Anupamaa will give Vanraj and everyone questioning her decision, a fitting reply.

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