Anupamaa recap: Shah family decides to visit Anupamaa against Vanraj’s wishes

After all the insults and hatred Anupamaa received from her own children in the previous few episodes, Anuj and Anupamaa have decided not to visit the Shahs again. In this episode of Anupamaa, they celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with a heavy heart as the entire family can’t come together. Read this article to know more. Also Read| Anupamaa recap August 4: Kavya takes a stand for Anupamaa

Samar’s surprise

Pakhi is now regretting her behavior and wishes to apologise to Anupamaa. However, Vanraj discourages her and asks her to not do anything about it as he doesn’t want the Kapadias to visit them. He asks the rest of the family as well to not mention the day’s incidents again and not talk about Anupamaa to protect Pakhi and her wellbeing.

The following day, Raksha Bandhan celebrations begin separately in the two families. While Anupamaa tries to make her daughter Anu’s first festival in their family a memorable occasion, the Shahs struggle to enjoy it without her presence. Even Pakhi seems upset but doesn’t say anything. Anu continues to ask if the Shahs will come to their home for this festival and Anuj keeps on making stories to distract her. Anupamaa feels upset but to make her day, Samar surprises her with a visit and gives Anu a sweet gift. While happiness returns to the Kapadia house with Samar’s visit, the Shahs continue to celebrate a somber Raksha Bandhan.

Kinjal decides to meet Anupamaa

While Raksha Bandhan is being happily celebrated in the Kapadia house, Vanraj creates issues in the Shah home. Kinjal gets agitated and decides to leave for Anupamaa’s home. Kavya sides with her and Dolly also tags along. Vanraj gets angry and tries to stop them. However, Kavya shuts him down and decides to leave nonetheless. Back in the Kapadia house, Samar comforts Anupamaa and apologises for Pakhi’s behavior on her behalf.

Later, Hasmukh and Jignesh also join Kavya and Kinjal to go and meet Anupamaa. Toshu argues that Kinjal wouldn’t be safe at Anupamaa’s house because of young Anu, but Kinjal disregards his reasons. Vanraj and Leela stand helpless and shocked as all of them prepare to leave. However, the biggest surprise comes when Pakhi also says she wants to join the rest of the family in meeting Anupamaa. Meanwhile, Barkha and Ankush worry about Anuj’s announcement, and Anuj also notices their distress.

In the upcoming episodes, something horrible is expected to happen that can change Anupamaa’s life forever. Stay tuned to HT highlights to remain updated.

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