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BBB23: Without sorority, Key mocks violence against Bruna Griphao

The athlete pinned the actress by thanking Gustavo for respecting him, which does not happen with Bruna and Gabriel.

Guys, seriously? In-game rivalry is one thing, but from that to making fun of something extremely toxic that’s happening to another woman right under your nose, for crying out loud, huh? I think that someone else besides the ex-BBB Felipe Prior needs to learn what sorority is.

After the great get there that the presenter Tadeu Schmidt gave to his brother Gabriel, last night (22), instead of everyone in the house using the tip to help fix this whole situation and console the actress Bruna Griphao, the player of volleyball Key Alves decided to make fun of the actress.

During this morning’s X-ray (23), without the slightest notion, the athlete sent a text message to the agroboy, Gustavo, thanking him for respecting it, inside the house.

When the text messages sent by the brothers began to appear on the screen, Bruna was extremely upset and burst into tears when faced with Key’s supposed indirect.

“It was thrown in my face that I am not being respected. I won’t freak out I swear,” she vented to ally Fred.




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