BTS fans react as Benny Blanco turns ARMY in new song Bad Decisions. Watch

BTS members Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook lent their vocals to their new single, Bad Decisions, with Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco. Taking to his YouTube channel, Benny released the Bad Decisions song on Friday. Though the BTS members don’t feature in the music video, their brief clips from old songs have been added to it. BTS rap line– RM, Suga and J-Hope are not part of the collaboration. (Also Read | BTS: Snoop Dogg confirms collaboration with group for upcoming project,

In the over-four-minute-long song, Benny turns into the quintessential ARMY. The video starts with a view of his purple-themed room decorated with posters, cutouts and cushions of the BTS members. The video continues to show ’13 hours until BTS concert’ for which Benny excitedly gets ready.

In the video, Benny dances to BTS’ track Dynamite, bakes a purple cake, and designs a placard with cutouts of BTS members. He then wears a similar outfit worn by Jimin in Dynamite as he heads to the concert. However, he faces obstacles as the cake gets ruined, he gets stuck in a traffic jam and has to run to the concert only to face another blow–he is at the venue a day early. The music video ends with him waiting outside the venue gate for the next day.

Reacting to the video, a fan commented, “The song reflects the spirit of summer very well. He us exactly what the Army is showed like. I seem to see myself. I love it. The vocal line did a great job again.” “Great great song guys. Snoops vocals oh my god. Vocal line tops everything. Benny you are representing the whole fandom. Fantastic idea,” said another person. “I am glad, you worked so hard to demonstrate how we ARMY’S are always excited for their concerts and albums to enjoy every bit of their hardwork. The side of supporting BTS is portrayed so beautifully and respectfully,” wrote a fan.

Earlier this year, speaking with The AV Club, Snoop Dogg said, “The BTS experience you keep talking about. I’m going to let them tell you about it. It’s official like a referee with a whistle. I love that entertainment world. It’s good music. It’s [a] vibe. I make good music. They make good music. And we end up doing this. This is what it’s always about, bringing our worlds together.”

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