Cyrus Sahukar on his wedding: ‘No guest said khana acha nahin tha’

Cyrus Sahukar is back with the new season of Mind The Malhotras, featuring his ‘crazy family.’ Adapted from the popular Israeli show La Famiglia, the comedy-drama series is directed by Sahil Sangha and released on Prime Video India on August 12. Ahead of the show’s release, Cyrus took a break in the United States and connected with Hindustan Times to give us some inside details about the brand new season of Mind The Malhotras and everything else going on in his life. Also read: Mind the Malhotras Season 2 trailer: Mini Mathur, Cyrus Sahukar return with more confusion and chaos. Watch

So, what’s new in the next chapter? Cryus ensured a whole new level of drama and comedy, which will delve deeper into the life of his character Rishabh Malhotra and his unusual family. From Rishabh taking up new responsibilities at his office to finding out about his mother’s boyfriend and channeling his jealous side in front of his wife’s ex-fling, all-in-all the Malhotras are set to leave you in splits once more.

Cyrus started his journey as a video jockey and went on to explore the entertainment industry as a show host, and rose to fame with his spoof videos. Cyrus tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, actor Vaishali Malahara in April this year, in the presence of about 100-120 people, including family members and friends. It was also attended by his Mind The Malhotras co-star Mini Mathur and her husband Kabir Khan.

Talking about the intimate wedding which took place in Alibaug, he said, “The thing about planning a wedding is that people will only tell you the horror story of it. So, we are always getting worried. To be honest, for anyone who is planning an Indian wedding, the people getting married are usually stressed. Because itne kaam hotein hain, rishtedar hain, yeh hai, woh hain (There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. You also have to look after the wedding guests. This and that).”

He continued, “You also have to understand that people have not met each other for almost 2.5 years under one roof. It was one big happy family. Nobody was throwing tantrums and saying things like ‘oho khana acha nahin tha, room comfortable nahin tha (The food wasn’t nice or the room wasn’t comfortable). There was madness, love, fun and a lot of enjoyment. I have never experienced that much love in those three days than ever before. Everyone took care of us, we didn’t take care of anything. Otherwise, marriages are a lot of work. Hats off to people who get married. I kind of went mad to organize it.” He considers himself lucky to be surrounded by people who helped to hold his wedding, which he described as ‘intimate, beautiful and caring.’

So, how is married life treating Cyrus? Is he the same husband as we have seen in Mind The Malhotras? He quipped, “Rishabh’s a lunatic, I’m a lunatic too but he is a crazy person in his own genre. I think it’s a wonderful character because he is dealing with so many things in his life. I find him very interesting to play. He is dealing with all the problems like an average good guy and nobody mentions it.”

Does he have any tips for any newlywed husband? “It’s all your fault!” he laughed.


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