Exclusive! Amruta Pawar on her Maharashtra wedding: Didn’t expect that I would have an arranged marriage

“It’s a different feeling,” says actor Amruta Pawar as she has turned into a newlywed and currently in her sasural. “I’m trying my best to settle here,” she adds.

Contrary to speculations that Pawar tied the knot with her long time boyfriend, the actor reveals how it was an arranged marriage and not love. “That’s not true,” she says on the speculations, adding, “It’s an arranged marriage. I didn’t expect that I would have an arranged marriage. We met on a matrimonial site. We started speaking in January and it was a courtship of six months.”

Arranged marriage of an actor isn’t something that we get to hear often. Pawar admits “it was scary”, however, her first interaction with her now husband Neel Patil, a biomedical engineer, made things easier for her. “I was comfortable with Neel, however, marriage is not just two people, but also two families. That was scarier. I was sceptical if they would accept my career (as an actor). However, his family is supportive. In fact, they are proud that I’m working in the Marathi industry,” she elaborates.

Talking about her husband, Pawar says, “He is very innocent. In this generation it’s rare. I have seen his behavior towards his family and he is quite connected to his family and is very emotional. I was looking for that quality in my partner.”

The actor had a traditional Maharashtrian wedding that lasted for almost three hours. She reveals she was overwhelmed by the feeling of leaving her parents rather than her bridal look. “All these Lehenga and gowns are in their wedding style. We wanted an authentic Maharashtrian wedding. We wanted all Marathi rituals. I have worn these bridal attires in my previous shows. So I wasn’t that much into how I was looking since I had an idea. I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I will head to a new house. It’s going to be a completely different experience. Uska dar tha. I’m attached to my parents. At least, pehele shows khatam hone ke baad I used to go to my place, see my mom in the morning. Now that won’t happen. Those thoughts are overpowered more than how I was looking,” she explains.

Currently, Pawar is on her 15-day break from her daily soap and will head for a honeymoon next month.

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