Harnaaz Sandhu says she was ‘bullied’ for weight gain; broke down many times

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu has opened up about the struggles she had to face recently after gaining weight. Harnaaz, who was crowned Miss Universe at an event in Israel in December last year, was touring India earlier this year when comments about her changed appearance started surfacing on social media. Also Read| Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu reacts to being trolled for weight gain

Harnaaz broke her silence on these comments in April and revealed that she has also been diagnosed with celiac disease due to which she can’t eat wheat flour and many other things. In a new interview, she opened up about how she felt bullied after hearing people’s opinions about her weight gain.

Harnaaz told People magazine about her weight gain, “Physically I have kind of grown, got more pounds and increased my weight, which I am totally comfortable about right now. I was bullied for gaining weight.” Harnaaz also discussed the reasons behind her sudden weight gain after she won the pageant, and revealed, “I was really focused towards my goal (during the competition) and I was [not] thinking about my health. The whole time we were working out, doing so many activities, and just after winning, I had almost a month just to relax. During that time, I actually didn’t work out, and I was just eating and just enjoying that time with my family. I never realized that it would start showing on my body.”

Talking about how the public’s reaction to her weight gain affected her, Harnaaz said, “I definitely broke down so many times. Sometimes in the most unexpected times. I’m just about to go on stage or something and this whole thing comes in my mind. It’s really sad.” Harnaaz also shared that she was not feeling well when she gained a few extra pounds, after which the doctor diagnosed her with allergies she never knew she had.

Harnaaz will soon be seen on the screen in Punjabi film Bai Ji Kuttange, which marks her debut in the entertainment industry. She is now facing legal trouble in connection with the film as its producer and her co-star Upasana Singh has sued her for breaching her contract for the film’s promotions.

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