I am doing fine, says Samyuktha after her accident on set

Actor Samyuktha Hegde, while shooting an action scene last Wednesday for her next film Kreem suffered from an accident

Actor Samyuktha Hegde, while shooting an action scene last Wednesday for her next film Kreem suffered from an accident. The 24-year-old actor shares, “It was a chilling pain that went through my body. I slipped and my back arched a little too much, which popped my knee. At that moment I thought it was just a small sprain, but I was screaming, so they (production unit) immediately rushed me to the hospital. We did an X-ray which showed that my bones were completely fine, but an MRI was done and we discovered that my ACL has torn completely.”

The film, which is an action thriller only had five days of shoot left to be completed. She says, “My director and producer have been really supportive throughout everything.”

The Kirik Party (2016) actor underwent a surgery on Wednesday. On the recovery front, the actor is quite optimistic. She says, “I am doing fine, quite positive. I’m on painkillers right now so I don’t even know how much pain I am in. I’ve been regularly doing my physiotherapy. The doctors have said that it would take me around two months to recover completely. There have been people with an ACL tear who have taken nine to 12 months to recover but the doctors say that because I am in good physical health, I will recover much sooner as long as I keep my physiotherapy game strong.”

Hedge intends to utilize these two months productively. “I’m someone who hates sitting at home. A lot of my plans have got canceled. I was supposed to get done with the shoot this week and had a few travel plans too. But I will use this time to my benefit now. For the next two months I’m going to cultivate some new habits and maybe even excel at them. I love learning new things anyway. I definitely want to get into singing and do some vocal training. I’ve grown up watching pop star Britney Spears and absolutely love her. I also want to get back to writing. I’ve written a couple of stories that I want to turn into screenplays but I never had the time for it, I guess this is the perfect time to do that, with the fabulous weather outside too,” she wraps up.


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