Kajol: ‘If you can see somebody on social media, why go watch them on screen’

Kajol has spoken about how the concept of stardom has been diluted with the increasing use of social media by the film and television celebrities. The actor said that the way celebs put their lives on social media, it reduces the eagerness of a viewer in watching them in films or shows. Also read: When Kajol revealed her father Shomu Mukherjee wanted to name her ‘Mercedes’

Kajol also occasionally posts her pictures on Instagram. But the actor avoids putting too much of her personal life on the picture sharing platform. She has 12.6 million followers with around 730 posts on her Instagram page, so far.

Talking about how the exposure on social media is affecting the chances of attaining stardom, Kajol told Pinkvilla in an interview, “The influx of people on social media has diluted it. The only people who were famous were the only people on the big screen. Now you can be famous for n number of things – way you comb your hair, nails etc. There are so many ways to be famous today. Fame has itself become a very used common pronoun.”

She added, “Most people put their entire lives on social media and are doing only that one thing 24 hours. Half the time they are on screen, half the time they are on social media.” Claiming she isn’t criticizing them, she added, “I truly admire that they are able to put in that much time and energy but it does dilute your (stardom). If you can see somebody on social media, why will you to go to the screen to watch them.”

Kajol recently attended the special screening of Gupt as the film completed 25 years of its release. Her co-star Bobby Deol and director Rajiv Rai also joined her at the event. She has also completed her 30 years in the film industry.

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