Lalit Modi reacts to ‘trolling’ after pics with Sushmita Sen: ‘Live, let live’

Lalit Modi took everyone by surprise, when he posted pictures of himself with former Miss Universe and actor Sushmita Sen on his social media accounts on Thursday. Sushmita broke her silence on dating Lalit, former IPL chairman and businessman, and shared an Instagram post on Friday, an excerpt of which read, “Not married… no rings…” On Sunday, Lalit shared a long note on Instagram, where he said the media was ‘obsessed about trolling’ him since he shared his latest social media posts. Read more: Sushmita Sen breaks silence after Lalit Modi’s tweets

Sharing photos with Sushmita again, along with some other throwback photos with his family and him meeting famous personalities – like Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles of the British royal family, Prime Minister Narendra Modi among others – Lalit Modi wrote he was being trolled for ‘wrong tagging’ on social media. He also spoke about his late wife, Minal Modi, and said she was his ‘best friend’, while they were married. He added people should ‘enjoy when someone prospers’. He also reacted to being called a ‘fugitive’.

As he began his note, Lalit wrote, “Why is the media so obsessed about trolling me apparently for wrongly tagging. Can someone explain – I only did (shared) two pics on Instagram and tag (the tagging) is correct. I guess we are still living in the Middle Ages that two people can’t be friends and then if chemistry is right and timing is good – magic can happen…”

He also shared a message for the media, and said, “Write the right news… not fake news… if you don’t know let me enlighten you all – departed love of my life #minalmodi was my best friend for 12 years, whilst she was married. She was not my mother’s friend. That gossip was spread by vested interests. It’s about time to get out of this #crabmentality – hope you know what that means. Enjoy when someone prospers. Or does well or does (well) for his country. I hold my head higher than you all ever can. Though you call me a ‘fugitive’… tell me which court has ever convicted me. I will tell you, none… shame on you fake media…”

Lalit Modi had announced on Thursday night that he is dating Sushmita. He made the revelation, while sharing a series of pictures on his social media accounts, and called Sushmita his ‘better half’. A day later, Sushmita shared a picture with her daughters Renee Sen and Alisah Sen on Instagram, and wrote, “I am in a happy place!!!” adding emoticons of hug, red heart, dancing girl, and red lips. She continued, “Not married…no rings…unconditionally surrounded by love!!” and added a rainbow emoji. She further wrote, “Enough clarification given…now back to life and work!! Thank you for sharing in my happiness always…and for those who don’t…it’s #NOYB (none of your business) Anyway!!! I love you guys!!! #duggadugga #yourstruly.”

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