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Mika Linz launches challenge “I am not ageless” and receives support from famous

The challenge is to enhance the natural beauty of human aging.

Loves, it is not today that I come here to talk to you about the problem that exists when we talk about the standards of beauty that are imposed by society and about the aesthetic procedures that are done to achieve this unreal beauty. In view of this, I found this “challenge” created by actress Mika Linz extremely important, which aims to enhance the natural beauty of people with signs of aging.

As the first participant and creator of the challenge, in the caption of her “clean face” photo, Mika explained to the rest of the population how the joke would work, saying: “The joke/challenge is to post a PB self without makeup, without a filter. embellishment and put in legend . I’m not ageless*, I’m a woman/man/trans of (insert age). * ageless , this concept of “ageless” which, for me, is a way to ease aging and continue carrying this burden of not being able to grow old”.

And I have to confess to you that I was very happy to discover that it wasn’t just me who loved this idea. On the internet, dozens of other people, anonymous and famous, joined in the fun and published photos of her face, without makeup, praising her natural beauty, among them great personalities, such as Sandra Annenberg, Cristina Oliveira and Patrícia Pillar.



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