Neeti Mohan: Motherhood has helped me become a better musician

Singer Neeti Mohan welcomed her son, Aryaveer, last year. Having been a mum for a year, she says that being a mother has changed her for good. “Motherhood is such an honor. You get to bring a life into this world, so you start believing in miracles. It has made me evolve into a better human being and musician. Ever since I’ve become a mother, I’ve become more sensitive and tuned to Nature. You make good music when you are listening and observing, basically when you are in rhythm. And things have definitely become more melodic in my life post motherhood. As an artiste, I feel more complete, because now I understand one more spectrum of emotion – motherhood,” says Mohan.

The 42-year-old spent the last two years enjoying her pregnancy and post-delivery time with her son. But now that she’s back to extensive work and travel, have things been easy? “If there was one silver lining to staying at home during the pandemic, it was my journey with my baby. I was recording from my home studio and being with him at the same time. Now that things have opened up, I’ve started traveling again for my shoots, recordings and shows. I feel my life is back to what it was like earlier, but the most beautiful change is that going back home now feels more exciting, as I know my child is waiting for me. I think I manage it well, because motherhood has made me a better time manager; it has made me more productive,” she explains.

But like many working mothers, has she ever felt a sense of guilt while leaving her baby home and stepping out for work? “Besides my child, my work is also my baby. In fact, that’s my first baby. When I am with Aryaveer, I don’t feel guilty that I am not working and when I am at work, I don’t feel guilty about not being with my son, because, for me, both are equally important,” reasons the Meri Jaan ,Gangubai Kathiawadi) singer.

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