Rakhi Sawant says Adil Khan is told no one would marry his sister due to her

Rakhi Sawant, who has been dating businessman Adil Khan for a few months now, said her boyfriend has been facing societal pressures because of her work in the entertainment industry. Rakhi, who previously said that Adil’s family does not approve of her, revealed that they are also facing problems in getting his sister married now, because of Rakhi. Also Read| Rakhi Sawant says boyfriend Adil Khan planning to buy ’10 apartments in Dubai’

The actor and reality TV personality broke down as she opened up about the matter in a recent interview. Rakhi shared that Adil Khan often gets told that no one will marry his sister, if he ties the knot with Rakhi.

When Adil was asked when he will tell his parents that Rakhi is his would-be wife, the businessman told Siddharth Kannan, “Very soon.” Rakhi added to this, “I want to say one thing. There are so many Muslims in Bollywood, did they not get married? Did those girls not expose? Did they not do item songs? I come from a different background, but if we marry tomorrow, my presence wouldn’t have any effect on his family right? Kya hai ye. Mai Rakhi Sawant, main kya koi terrorist hu? Meri shaadi kyu nhi ho sakti, kya mai koi terrorist hu (Some people say things like ‘if you will bring Rakhi as your wife, who will marry your sister.’ What is this? Am I some terrorist, why can’t I get married)? Why can’t his sister get good prospects because of me, relations are anyway made in heaven.”

Rakhi had gone public with her and Adil’s relationship in May, revealing that he had gifted her a BMW car. She previously shared that Adil’s family is against their relationship as she is a ‘glamorous’ person in the movie and TV industry, noting that they do not like the way she dresses. She told ETimes, “His family does not like the way I dress up. But I am willing to change myself if the need be. Nobody from his side is forcing me to change, though. He is being tortured from all sides. I am scared; mushkil se pyar mila hai (I have found love with much difficulty). I hope his khandaan (family) accepts me.”

Rakhi started dating Adil after her split from Ritesh, whom she had introduced as her husband in Bigg Boss 15. She filed for divorce from Ritesh. It later emerged that his alleged first wife filed a case against him, and Rakhi declared that there is no need for a divorce as their marriage is not valid.

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