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Rosalía shines at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, rocked by funk

Wearing a huge padded white anorak, tank top and matching pants, the Spanish artist sang on top of a huge yellow car

With a mini-show mixing her most recent hits and Latin music, including carioca funk, Spanish singer Rosalía starred in the Louis Vuitton menswear show, this Thursday (19th), in Paris.

“Despechá” and “Saoko” were mixed with snippets of songs by flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla or Latin music, during a long and theatrical fashion show for the French luxury brand.

Curated by Rosalía herself, funk from Rio was part of the parade’s soundtrack with the song “Sento No Bico Da Glock”, by Dj Gabriel do Borel, in partnership with Mc lucy & MC Rogê.

Wearing a huge padded white anorak, tank top and matching pants, the Spanish artist sang on top of a huge yellow car, to an enthusiastic audience.

The show’s set recreated the apartment of a young black man, who starred in the opening video. A boy who dreams of traveling and drawing.

From there, Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter show kicked off with a runway showcasing XXL coats, leather hoodies, waisted jackets and even paper suits.

Bags and suitcases felt padded, some overflowing with papers and dreams.


The suits are voluminous, initially in grayish tones, to later give way to burgundy. The prints, including military camouflage, came with color variations.

The dot patterns, made in collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, were one of the highlights of the presentation.

The models passed by and scribbled on the walls of the set, while Rosalía alternated fragments of “Motomami”, which earned her the Latin Grammy for best album last year, with songs by other performers.

Without a creative director for its men’s collections since November 2021, with the death of the American Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton resorted to a collective of creators for this collection.


Filmmakers Michel and Olivier Gondry, stylist Ibrahim Kamara, recently appointed head of Off-White collections, and founder of the KidSuper brand, Colm Dillane, formed this multidisciplinary project.

Issey Miyake, the pleated king

The show for Louis Vuitton, one of the main brands of the powerful LVMH group, was the highlight of a day at Paris Men’s Fashion Week interrupted by a national strike in France against pension reform. Some parades had to be cancelled.

The ‘maison’ Issey Miyake, in turn, followed with its show that had the presentation of an acrobat show.

The Japanese designer Issey Miyake became known for his mastery in the use of pleats in his collections, both male and female.


His technique allows him to give the man ample freedom of movement, while allowing the stylist to fantasize with geometric shapes that structure the silhouettes.

Miyake gathered fans and press at the Tokyo Palace, Europe’s largest contemporary art center, and alternated the traditional parade with an immersive black and white video installation, creating optical illusions to modify the perception of gravity.

A group of acrobats performed circus acts dressed in gray dresses with numerous pleats.


Issey Miyake’s fall/winter collection is “a study in the triangle and simple geometric shapes that evolve to create complex forms,” ​​the fashion house said in a press release.


The jackets effectively triangled the model, while rounding off the angles. The coats are wide, playing with the same geometric figure.

The colors are bright and basic – green, red, orange – to which he superimposes prints.

Agence France-Presse



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