Ryan Gosling says ‘incredible’ Dhanush amazed him in The Gray Man fight scenes

Ryan Gosling, who stars alongside Dhanush in the upcoming film The Gray Man, has said that the actor left him impressed during the filming of the action thriller. Ryan plays Court Gentry alias Six in the film, while Dhanush stars as Avik San, a powerful assassin. A glimpse of an action sequence from the film featured Dhanush giving a tough fight to Ryan and Ana De Armas at the same time. Also Read| Dhanush promises action fans they are ‘in for a feast’ in The Gray Man BTS video

Ryan revealed in a recent interview that a fight sequence between him and Dhanush was the most shot scene in the film. However, Dhanush managed to perform his best in every single take. Ryan also praised Dhanush’s off-the-screen personality, and said The Gray Man team is ‘excited’ to have the actor in the film.

Ryan told Quint about Dhanush, “He is incredible. He is such a great actor. He has such an amazing presence on screen. He is so precise. He never made a mistake. We shot this fight sequence, we reshot it multiple times. We actually reshot that scene more than any other scene and it went through so many different incarnations, and Dhanush never made a mistake. It seemed inhuman.”

The actor added, “And he is just so funny and charming. The biggest difficulty was pretending like we were enemies or something because I just liked him so much.”

The action thriller by the director duo Joe and Anthony Russo, which also stars Chris Evans, Claire Fitzroy, and Alfre Woodard among others, will start streaming on Netflix on July 22. The Russo Brothers had also praised Dhanush’s camera presence while talking about his character.

They said in a Twitter Spaces chat, “We are big fans of him. We wrote the character keeping him in mind. You can expect a new film starring his character in the lead soon. He plays one of the top assassins of the world and has two major fight blocks in the film. Dhanush has a great camera presence and we loved seeing him perform.” The Gray Man marks Dhanush’s international debut.

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