Sai Pallavi visits theaters playing her film Gargi, fans cheer for her

Actor Sai Pallavi is basking in the phenomenal response for her latest release Gargi, a legal drama about a daughter’s struggle to save her father. On Sunday, Sai Pallavi visited a few theaters in Chennai and surprised her fans with her appearance. A video clip from one of the theaters has surfaced on social media. Also read: Gargi review: Sai Pallavi gives career-best performance in one of the most important Tamil films in recent history

Upon spotting her amidst them, the audience went berserk and cheered and clapped for her. She patiently posed for selfies with most of them.

Directed by Gautham Ramachandran, Gargi features Sai Pallavi fighting a legal battle to free her father who has been wrongly booked in a gang rape case.

One fan commented on the video: “This girl is just so so real. If you can’t connect to her, I’ll be surprised. Congrats on this success, Sai Pallavi (sic).”

The film, which was dubbed and released in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, also stars Aishwarya Lekshmi and Kaali Venkat.

The HT review of the film read: “Gautham Ramachandran’s Gargi features Sai Pallavi in ​​one of the most stirring performances from a mainstream heroine in recent times. It is a hard-hitting, unsettling drama about a daughter’s fight for justice. The film, which is unarguably the best Tamil film of the year so far, throws the spotlight on a very delicate issue, which is dealt with such unparalleled sensitivity that’s rarely seen these days. At a time, when mainstream cinema is all about exaggerated machismo and star power, Gargi comes as a breath of fresh air; it leaves a lasting impact.”

Sai Pallavi, who was recently seen playing a singer-activist in Virataparvam, plays a school teacher from a lower middle class family in Gargi. The story revolves around her character’s efforts to find out about the truth behind her father’s arrest.


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