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Sommelier teaches how to harmonize wines and cheeses

Vinícius Santiago takes advantage of Cheese Day, celebrated next Friday (20), to talk about the topic

A cheese board is always an eye-catcher, an essential item at reception, cocktail parties or in some places, like France, for dessert. In January, the day of this food is celebrated, which has so many varieties and can be even better enjoyed with a good wine. That’s why, on the 19th, the head sommelier of the Víssimo Group, Vinícius Santiago, does a live on Evino’s social media with wine pairing and different types of cheese.

The expert also highlights some tips to facilitate this combination: With fresh cheeses like feta or ricotta, which are without rind and have a soft, creamy texture, white wines are the bets. Wines such as Pinot Grigio and Brut Charmat are good tasting choices.

Croûte fleurie cheeses, which are cheeses with a thin or thick rind, with white mold, go with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. Semi-hard ones like Gouda or Jarisberg are also excellent with the Chardonnay type.

Hard cheeses like cheddar and pecorino romano accompany reds like Merlot, Tempranillo and Sangiovese. And a delicious fondue that uses emmental, gruyére, vacherin, appenzeller and caquelon has these as the best choice: Sangiovese, Gamay, Vionginier, Chasselas and Chardonnay.

The live will be on @evino’s youtube channel and also on instagram, starting at 7 pm.



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