Tamannaah Bhatia: I also go through moments of feeling terrible and miserable | Bollywood

It’s been two decades since Tamannaah Bhatia walked into the film industry, and the biggest lesson that she has learned in this time is to not take success as well as failure seriously, and it’s absolutely okay to feel vulnerable on some days.

“When it comes to dealing with the highs and lows of my career, I have had immense support from my family. They have always grounded me in my vulnerable moments. And reminded me that none of these things are permanent,” says Bhatia, who made her debut when she was 15.

The 32-year-old continues, “You can’t afford to take it for granted, be it a success or a failure, it is important to remember that it is not your personal failure or success. As an actor, I always disassociate with the fact, and think it is not a personal failure for me, and it has really helped me deal with it a lot better.”

The actor, who has etched a special place for himself in Telugu, Tamil as well as Hindi filmdom, compares her profession to that of an athlete, and cricket, where you won’t hit a six at every ball.

“It’s that one-one run that is important…. That’s what I’ve tried to do in my career. I have never tried to beat myself down if things have not gone well. In the end, it is sort of a calculated gamble,” says the Baahubali actor, adding, “You have to believe and follow the conviction of filmmaking, and there are so many other factors to filmmaking. There are so many variables involved in it. So, you can’t beat yourself down”.

However, there are days when the feeling gets to her, and she knows how to shrug it off. “I always try to detach myself from it. But I am not a superhuman. I have my moments of feeling terrible, and feeling miserable. But I think the idea is to feel that way and then feel it completely and then get over that fear,” she ends.

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