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Three restaurants in Brasilia to taste seafood

Grilled, grilled, with garlic and oil, with risotto… there are many types of preparations and alternatives

As a capital of contemporary and universal cuisine, Brasília offers a wide variety of seafood dishes in its restaurants. Grilled, grilled, with garlic and oil… there are many ways to prepare it. Check out some alternatives for seafood lovers:

Living HNK Brasilia
Located at the Pick-Up Square at Brasília International Airport, Living HNK offers two options: Gamberi al Formaggio (R$ 109) and Salmon with Pesto (R$ 76). The first consists of prawns in garlic and oil, served with a four cheese sauce and au gratin with parmesan. As an accompaniment, white rice is served. The second alternative, Salmon with Pesto, is a grilled salmon fillet drizzled with pesto sauce, served with white rice and roasted vegetables.

Piselli Brasilia
Piselli Brasília (Shopping Iguatemi) offers the Grigliata Mista Con Tagliolini Neri Alle Erbe (R$ 165): prawns, squid and fresh grilled fish, served with black tagliolini in olive oil and herbs. Another option is the classic Bacallá alla Siciliana (R$175). The dish consists of cod fillet with potatoes, a selection of sweet grape tomatoes, black olives and capers sautéed in Italian olive oil.

Poor Juan Brasilia
Inspired by typical Argentinean houses, Pobre Juan Brasília became famous for its parrilla. However, white wines are not excluded from the menu and are prepared with the same excellence. The alternatives are made over coals so as not to lose the essence of the restaurant. They are: the Pirarucu Amazônico (R$116), served with crunchy farofa in bottle butter, coconut rice, mashed banana and moqueca sauce; and the Braised Shrimp (R$182), grilled with Sicilian lemon citric sauce and served with Risoto al Nero di Seppia.



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