Tulsi Kumar goes on a food trip in Lucknow

After two back-to-back live gigs in Lucknow, singer Tulsi Kumar went on a food trip to Hazratganj on Sunday afternoon. During her second trip to the city, she confesses being a foodie.

“What excites me most about this nawabi city is it’s wide range of cuisine. Being a big foodie, I tried multiple delicacies during my stay this time and had an amazing food trip. Music takes me to different cities and helps me satiate my foodie side as well,” tells the Teri Ban Jaungi ,Kabir Singh) singer.

She savoured dahi-jabebi, basket chaat, paan and other delicacies during her trail.

Tulsi Kumar at Hazratganj in Lucknow.  (Deep Saxena/HT)
Tulsi Kumar at Hazratganj in Lucknow. (Deep Saxena/HT)

“One of my friends gave me a proper list but I wanted to experience the street food myself. I had vegetarian kebabs and other things in the hotel but when you are in a place like Lucknow then you need to taste it straight from the kitchen. Last month, during my gig at Gujarat I treated myself to the local cuisine too.”

Despite being a vegetarian she still managed to taste best of the available varieties. “I know Lucknow is known for its non-vegetarian Awadhi cuisine but interestingly we got to try out a lot of vegetarian options including malai paan, kulfi, chaat, kachori-aloo, chai-samosa, paan, kebabs and what not!”

The singer enjoying basket chaat in Lucknow.  (Deep Saxena/HT)
The singer enjoying basket chaat in Lucknow. (Deep Saxena/HT)

We have heard many singers restrain from several food items. Does that hold true for her? “I guess it’s a personal choice as per one’s vocal cords. For my voice, I restrain from anything cold so ice-creams are a no-no for me but otherwise I can eat anything. That’s the reason I scheduled kulfi after the gig. I feel, what’s more important is riyaaz and balanced diet. Otherwise, I love trying local delicacies wherever I visit, of course in limited manner that too after my performance.”

The singer is happy that live gigs are now back. “For films we have a set narrative whereas for our singles we have work from the scratch — be it lyrics, creating music and videos. Finally, to perform in front of live audience and getting real-time feedback is what every artiste works for. For me, performing live is an unmatchable feeling! So, this journey of creating music (films and private) and then presenting in front of audience is what completes an artiste.”

Kumar has multiple projects lined-up which she is excited about. “I have worked on a series of dance numbers that I have merged together and will be coming up next. Then I have sung for a couple of films, a single and also collaborating with another artiste. So, a lot is happening,” says the Saiyaan Superstar ,Leela) singer.

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