Vir Das gets stuck on Air India flight for five hours, documents it on Twitter

Vir Das was recently stuck in an Air India flight for nearly five hours, and as expected, chaos ensued with passengers arguing with the staff. Vir took to his Twitter account after four hours of waiting to document his experience, giving it his own funny take. Other Twitter users also related to this and recounted their own experiences of delays in flights. Also Read| Dia Mirza accuses Vistara of not helping after her flight gets canceled

In his first post in the Twitter thread, Vir revealed that he has been sitting on an Air India flight in Delhi for four hours as it has been delayed due to bad weather conditions in Leh. Things went further downhill as passengers came to know that other flights have landed.

Vir wrote, “Air India staff claimed other flights were canceled. All other flights have landed. @airindiain. Passengers have begun to revolt. Fun times. Now dudes are calling their people in Leh who are telling them the weather is clear. Captain is not coming out of the cockpit. Cabin crew has gone in. We’re just all 50 folks standing at the front of the plane. Like hungry dudes waiting for Haldirams to open.”

The comedian added, “Now the poor crew is telling the angry passengers that Air India is safer than other airlines which is why they can’t fly and have higher safety standards. Some dudes have launched into corporate policy and management jargon. Captain is trying to talk from the cockpit. We have now reached “sir weather is not on the ground, weather is in the air.” He revealed that a passenger even resorted to a cliche threat and said, “I will write to the home minister.”

In another update, Vir shared that the passengers have started yelling, while Air India manager is asking them to go back so they can take off. He added, “The captain and crew changed. I felt like we went through so much together. Wishing them well. Now there’s a younger captain on the mic. Let’s hope he drives faster.”

The flight finally took off nearly an hour after Vir started his thread. He shared a selfie from his seat showing up a thumbs-up emoji, and quipped, “The plane is moving! I’m so happy I could cry. I might just, my t-shirt is soaked in sweat anyway. Maybe my tears are cooler than my sweat and can bring my body temperature down.” Replying to his tweet, other Twitter users shared stories of similar experiences, while some applauded Vir for his fun take on it. One tweeted, “This is the most fun Twitter thread I have read this week. Happy Weekend.”

Vir Das was last seen in the Hollywood film The Bubble, which was released on Netflix on March 25. The comedy film directed by Judd Apatow also featured Karen Gillan, Keegan-Michael Key, and Iris Apatow among others.

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