10 nutritionally terrible foods to avoid

For long, food and beverage giants have been pulling a fast one on you by using the word ‘fruit’ to sell nutritionally suspect products.

Fruit snacks

The problem with fries is not just the unhealthy trans fats and calories it’s loaded with, but also how easy it is to gobble too much of it at once.

French fries

It’s no more a secret that most sugary cereals are hopelessly low on fibre and high on sugar.

French fries

Multiple research say that processed red meat, such as hot dogs or bologna, can up the risk of diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer.

Deli meals

Almost all the hype around the health risks that soda poses is sadly true, and more so for kids.

Sweetened drinks

They have been hailed as the ultimate health snack, but many varieties of the granola bars have ingredients that make them more of a dessert than a nutritional delight

Granola bars

Your child might be drained after that gruelling session of cricket or badminton, but don’t let him or her glug down sports drinks.

Sports drinks

Until she is at least a year old, don’t give your child honey as they can contain spores which can cause botulism — symptoms include dry mouth,


Not only are noodles low on nutrition, they come with a lot of sodium.

Packaged noodles