Keep scrolling for easy-to-follow tips on how to boost your metabolism.

Eat a Metabolism-Boosting Breakfast

Do Cardio (But Smartly)

When it comes to basic cardio (HIIT not included), you only raise your calorie burn while you're active, but HIIT and strength training will keep your metabolism elevated for hours afterward

Drink Green Tea

The coffee bean is a hard seed to crack. Your morning brew is very high in antioxidants

Factor in Fiber

eating a diet rich in high-fiber foods boosts metabolism because fiber is indigestible.

Get Your Micronutrients

A healthy metabolism equals a healthy body, but metabolic syndrome can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Build Muscle

As we have mentioned before, strength training is the key to burning more fat at rest (in other words for raising your BMR).

Get More Sleep

Sleep does not decrease the metabolism but lack of sleep can create a hormone imbalance that results in a dysregulation of the hormones related to hunger and appetite

Eat a Varied Diet

It is not that certain foods will decrease our metabolism BUT proteins take more energy to digest, absorb, and use than fats


Studies have found that those who drink more water tend to burn more calories.