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Masaba Gupta has spoken about how things were not always easy for her as a child of unmarried parents. Masaba, who is an actor and a fashion designer, is the daughter of actor Neena Gupta and West Indies cricket star Vivian Richards. Neena got pregnant with Masaba when she was dating Vivian in the 80s, when he was married to someone else. Neena decided to raise Masaba as a single mother after Vivian refused to leave his wife for Neena. (Also read: Masaba Masaba season 2 review: Charming and naturally great, Masaba Gupta proves herself Neena Ji of the new gen)

Now, in a new interview, Masaba has spoken about how even the other students at her school would often get meaning with her. They would tease her about her unmarried parents but sassy Masaba always had the perfect reply ready.

“For me as a child, there was a lot of anger in being trolled. Because, my simple theory was, I remember being in school or wherever, being trolled for being raised by single parent and the nature of my parents’ relationship. But I was like ‘your father, your mother are everywhere. That’s allowed?'” she said in an interview to Bollywood Bubble. “Your parents can pretend that it’s a happy marriage and you can do your own thing. But my parents, who decided not to get married because they were like, we want to do our own thing, they still had me. At least they were honest about it. There was a lot of rage that time but now I just laugh it off,” she added.

Masaba and Neena were seen together in the latest, second season of Masaba Masaba. The two play fictionalised versions of themselves on the show. The show comes months after the actor-designer received acclaim for playing the role of Saiba, a woman deep into dating apps, in Prime Video’s Modern Love Mumbai.

Masaba Gupta, who runs her fashion label House of Masaba, said working on Netflix’s semi-fictional series gave her much needed closure to issues she was facing in personal life. “A large part of filming season one of Masaba Masaba was like therapy for me. There were many issues that I was dealing with that I got closure on through the scenes, the workshops, just being on set. I find being on set a highly meditative experience,” she told PTI in an interview.

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