Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Suhasini is angry with Anisha over her lehenga

There seemed to be no end to Abhimanyu’s problems after the nerve damage in his hand was diagnosed. For days, he had no hopes of ever getting better and made peace with his new life. Things are going to change in this episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Dr. Kunal will check Abhimanyu’s hand to figure out how to proceed with his surgery, and the future will likely hold many more blissful days for Abhimanyu and Akshara. Read this article to know more. Also Read| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Akshara finds Anisha talking to mysterious man

Dr. Kunal begins the treatment

Dr. Kunal Khera arrives at the Birla house during Kairav ​​and Anisha’s engagement function. He decides to return the following day and begin the treatment. Abhimanyu gets extremely excited about getting the power back in his hands. Harsh and Manjari also have a heartfelt conversation regarding Abhimanyu’s well-being and pledge to God to fast after Abhimanyu’s recovery.

Akshara plans everything so that the treatment begins on time. Anisha also delays the Rakhi festival so that Abhimanyu doesn’t miss his appointment. Dr. Kunal insists on all rituals to happen before and not delay the treatment. Everyone waits anxiously for the results of the first round of tests. Keep reading to find out what the reports say and if Abhimanyu can get better.

Good news for Abhi and Akshara

Dr. Kunal Khera begins his treatment and checks Abhimanyu’s nerves to estimate the extent of the damage. Abhimanyu gets nervous thinking if the nerves are damaged beyond repair. When Dr. Khera finishes his preliminary check-up, Abhimanyu asks him several questions about his treatment. The doctor told him that his hands are damaged by about 70% and there are 90% chance for the damage to be permanent. While everyone gets concerned about this, Dr. Khera surprises them as he says that there are 99% chances of him completely curing the damage.

Everyone enters the room in excitement and rejoices in Abhi’s happiness. Dr. Khera asks them to calm down and stay composed for the treatment as there is still a 1% chance of the surgery being unsuccessful. Abhi and Akshara ask the family to be calm and pray for positive results.

Anisha’s lehenga

On one hand, the Birla family is dealing with Abhimanyu’s surgery which is due just four days later. On the other hand, the preparations for Kairav ​​and Anisha’s wedding are going on in tandem. Meanwhile, Anisha remains distracted by constant calls and surprise visits from her secret friend. Amidst all these tensions, her designer lehenga arrives and Aarohi insists on opening it in front of everyone.

Suhasini immediately gets angry at the lehenga’s design which she finds to be too revealing and asks Anisha to change it. Anisha tries to explain that it is not what she ordered but the misunderstandings continue, and Suhasini passes snide remarks at Anisha’s irresponsibility. In the next episode, Anisha’s behavior poses serious questions in Akshara’s mind as she notices her saying questionable things to some other man. She also overhears a voice message from her secret friend increasing her concerns. Stay tuned to HT highlights for more updates.

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